E-Statement Sign Up Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to South Louisiana Bank’s website:  www.ayeee.com
  2. Login to Online Banking with your ACCESS ID*.
    1. Answer the Security Question if necessary
    2. Type in your password (You will see your authentication image on the password screen)
  3. (Once you log onto your online banking, you will see your account[s])

  4. You must click “Options” located at the top right of the screen next to “Log Off”.
  5. Once you click “Options”, you will see a complete listing (boxes) of the options available. You must scroll down to the last box “eStatement Enrollment
  6. Once you are in the “eStatement Enrollment” box, you must click the “Edit” button.
  7. You will click (in the check box) on the Primary Account(s) for which you are wanting estatements. You must confirm your e-mail address also.
  8. You will then read the acknowledge statement and you must click on the link for the South Louisiana Bank eStatement Agreement and Disclosure with Confirmation Code.
  9. Once you have read the agreement and received the confirmation code, you must click (in the check box) next to the Acknowledgement Statement and type in the Confirmation Code from the South Louisiana Bank E-Statement Agreement and Disclosure with Confirmation Code.
  10. The “Accept” button will be available once you begin to type in the confirmation code. Click the “Accept” button at the bottom of the screen.

Once the eStatement request has been submitted and accepted your screen will return to “Options”. You will see “Info” located in the first box on the screen with the following message…
“eStatement Enrollment Completed Successfully.”

You will be able to select “eStatements” from the top, light blue menu after login and access your eStatements.  Your eStatements will begin at the close of your current statement cycle.

*If you are not an online banking user but want eStatement access, you must ENROLL in online banking by clicking the red, “ENROLL HERE” button.