Online Banking Sign-In Instructions

New Sign-In Instructions

Instructions for Logging on to Internet Banking System under the new Multifactor Authentication standards:

On October 12, 2005 the FDIC, along with several other regulatory agencies, issued revised guidance entitled “Authentication in an Electronic Banking Environment”. Since 2005, there have been significant legal and technological changes with respect to the protection of customer information; increasing incidents of fraud, including identity theft; and the introduction of improved authentication technologies. All of the regulatory agencies have announced that they expect all banking institutions offering “the ability to move funds to other parties through internet banking” to implement stronger authentication methods for their customers by the year-end 2006.

South Louisiana Bank has chosen Multifactor Authentication through PassMark Security to comply with this mandate. These new security features are designed to provide an enhanced level of secured access to your account information. We are confident that the small inconvenience of setting-up your security settings will be beneficial to your personal information protection.

For those who have not gone through the authentication procedures:

Step 1: Log-In to the website.

Step 2: It will first prompt you for your Access ID – Ex. Bankerslb – Click on Submit.

Step 3: It will then prompt you for your password – Ex. W98765 – Click on Submit.

Step 4: At this point, you will be required to go through a multi-factor authentication process. The first item you will see is the Set Security Data screen. It will first ask you for your contact information. Enter and verify your e-mail address.

Step 5: The next section is an Image and Phrase section. You will be assigned a picture and asked to input a phrase of your choice – Ex. Dollar01. The picture can be changed at a later time after you have gone through the authentication process. This section is important because when you try to sign back in to the website, you should see the picture and the phrase each time you log in. This will prove that you are at the SLB website. If this does not appear or something else appears, you are not at the SLB Internet Banking website. Please log off.

Step 6: The next section is Challenge Questions and Answers. You will be asked to pick three questions of your choosing and answer them. These answers will be unique to you. No one should know these answers. When you sign back in at a later date, only one of the three questions will be asked as part of the Security Challenge (The question will be selected at random). Once you have selected all 3 questions and answered them, proceed to registering your computer as Private or Public.

Step 7: Please select if you would like to register your computer as a Private or Public computer. A Private computer is one that you use often at home or work. A Public computer is a computer you may use for a short period of time and very infrequently, such as a computer at a library. Please note that you can register multiple computers so don’t worry about registering too many computers


Step 8: Once all fields are completed, click on Submit. This brings you to the Internet Banking Site where you can review your accounts. Once complete, please refer to the procedures below to follow when logging in to the SLB Internet Banking Website regularly.

For people who have already gone through the authentication procedures:

Step 1: Log-In to the website.

Step 2: It will first prompt you for your Access ID – Ex. Bankerslb – Click on Submit.

Step 3: A Security Challenge will appear if you select a public computer. Answer the question posed that you answered when you went through the authentication procedures. Make sure you have selected which computer (Personal or Public) and Click on Submit.

Step 4: An authentication image and phrase appear. If this is the same picture and phrase that you entered, this indicates that you are on the SLB website. Please enter your password Ex.W98765 and click on Submit. This will bring you to the Internet Banking website where you can review your accounts.

Thank You,
SLB Internet Banking Staff