Setting Up Mobile Banking

  1. Login to your Internet Banking Login ID
    1. Answer security question if required
    2. Enter your password
  2. Click on the Button “Password/Nicknames”
  3. Scroll to Nicknames–verify that all your accounts have nicknames (if yes, skip to #4)
    1. If not, click on Edit
    2. Put an X in the box to the left and a nickname on the right of the corresponding account number. Ex: checking, saving, Suzie’s savings etc. ALL ACCOUNTS MUST HAVE NICKNAMES
    3. Click on Submit
  4. Scroll to Mobile Banking-Click on Edit
    1. Enter either an e-mail address that you receive the mail on your phone or your 10 digit cell phone number. (if e-mail option skip to c)
    2. Use drop down arrow to select your cell phone carrier. {if you are on AT&T and started your plan in Houma/Terrebonne area, please select AT&T with the Cingular brand)
    3. Enter, then confirm a 4 digit PIN that you will use each time you enter Mobile Banking
    4. Click on Submit
    5. Notice on top of screen “Mobile banking enrollment completed successfully” should appear. If not, repeat #4

Within minutes, you should receive a text message or e-mail. Use the URL in the message to get to the mobile banking login screen. Here, you will enter your internet banking ID and the MOBILE Banking PIN you just set.

When your page first opens you will see a list of nicknames and the account balances. You may need to scroll to the right to see the whole page. If you select an account, you can then get additional balances, see transactions, or make transfers.


  • Each time you enter Mobile Banking you will receive a new text/e-mail message. You must use the most recent message to login. This new message in addition to the 4 digit mobile PIN will access your account.
  • If you delete the last message, you can use any prior message or your cell phone history and access any of the prior login pages. Do not enter your ID or password, click on CANCEL, the next screen, click on the one time password button. Then you will be asked for your login ID. The internet banking system will generate a new URL and send it to you in a text/e-mail message.
  • If you have deleted all of your mobile banking text/e-mail messages, you can have a new message sent to your phone. Open the internet on your phone, go to click on one time password then submit. Enter your login ID and click on submit. You will be sent a new mobile banking text/e-mail.
  • If you forget your 4-digit mobile PIN, log into your internet banking from any computer and refer to instructions in # 4 above. You only need to reenter any 4 digits to select a new mobile PIN.